A Product of DM Solutions Group, which provides online directories of postal addresses of the world and standardizes databases of any complexity.

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collection of address information

Online directory of postal addresses of the world and standardization of databases for crm, erp, wms, 1c, sites and other systems

30 sources

work in the markets of Europe and Asia

12 years

addresses in the database
in all countries

100 million

used by our directories

250 companies
We are a group of companies Direct Marketing Solutions, since 2012 we work professionally with databases of any complexity in the markets of Europe and Asia.
We clean databases of any complexity, restore them, update, connect, share and do a lot of other magic thanks to our own unique developments and algorithms.
We have accumulated a huge array of address information, updated it and now we want you to use it.


DB Cleaner software package
№ 47456
Address and reference service "Directory of Postal Index of Ukraine"
№ 46082
Help service "Directory of incorrect values and common errors"
№ 57982
Reference service "Directory of appeals"
№ 57983


PJSC "VF Ukraine"

Quality Management and Customer Experience Department

Vodafone Ukraine
Category 1 quality expert
Inna Baytsym
Artur Rafaelyan
Chief expert
Ukrainian bank

Credit Collection Department
Prymachenko T.V.

Chief Operating Officer
JSC "Universal Bank"
Akulenko J.J.
Deputy Chairman of the Board
JSC "Universal Bank"
Oksana Vorobyova
Head of Marketing Department
JSC "Idea Bank"

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